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On April 26th, 2018

When to Call a Professional Window Cleaner

When to call a window cleaner

Cleaning windows is one of those pesky life-tasks that almost invariably seems simple at first. We can’t tell you how many of our clients have come to us after failed “attempts” to clean their windows themselves. Equipment, training…time…these all factor greatly, yet are easy to overlook. “They’re just windows, right?” The truth of the matter is, as professional window cleaners we’ve been trained, have experience and own an arsenal of powerful equipment that allow us do things elbow grease cannot. Below are some of the common reasons why professional window cleaning services might make sense for you.


Time is the number one road block often overlooked. It’s easy to forget how many hours your daily grind consumes – and how much it’s worth to you. On the flip side, it’s equally easy to miscalculate what goes into washing windows. In between studying, working, getting your children to school, appointments and all the other things life will throw at you, completing your day is already a chore, let alone spending hours grinding away with a rag and a bottle of Windex.



It might seem trite or possibly annoying to reinforce the term “professional”, but there is a difference. Professional window cleaners are capable in training, but maybe more importantly own the tools to quickly and effectively clean windows. In addition, part of our job is identifying problems before they’re problems. Spotting issues such as flying screens and ill-fitted windows are just a couple examples that when overlooked, could lead to costly or even dangerous scenarios in the future.



Professional window cleaners know their windows and the right products to use. You can easily damage stained and leaded glass windows when you use ammonia-based cleaning products. This is a mistake a professional cleaner cannot make. They have the right tools and cleaning products for each task, meaning your windows will be cleaned safely hence extending their lifespan.



Do you stay in a multi-story apartment or manage a towering office space? If so, you are probably going to need the services of a professional window cleaner. The experts can provide high rise window cleaning services because they have the equipment and training to do the job efficiently and safely.



Hornets and bees typically construct their nests behind the window shutters and wasps like moving into storm windows. Other bugs also like settling into window channels making it tough to operate them. A specialist can easily spot and handle any of these issues helping your family stay safe from bug bites and malfunctioning windows that can easily hinter emergency escapes.


Hopefully, you are now informed about when to contact a window cleaner. Save yourself from trouble and safety hazards by talking to your local residential window cleaning expert each time you need to clean your windows. This will save you the time and money and keep your home, family or business protected.

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