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On March 27th, 2018

What can happen if you don't clean your gutter?

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are essential to homeowners especially during the rainy season, but dirty or clogged gutters can cause havoc to one's house. Gutters collect dust, leaves, rocks during the dry season and can be obstructed by snow during winter. Cleaning your gutter is vital to maintaining your roof.

Below is a list of the potential impacts if you don’t keep your gutters clean.

Rotten Wood

Wood is the foundation of some homes and once saturated with water, it rots. Damaged foundation can lead to your house being damaged, and all these problems can be rectified by cleaning your gutters.

Uninvited Bugs

Moisture that has accumulated on an uncleaned gutter is a perfect environment for bugs to flourish. Roaches, termites, earwigs, and mosquitoes are some of the bugs that likely to seek refuge in your dirty gutter.

Leaking Pipes

Clogged gutters full of debris means water has no room to drain. Water will then puddle on your roof and eventually leak. This is mainly in areas that receive heavy rainfall such as Middle Tennessee. The basement of your house can also leak due to water collecting near the bottom of your home. Drainage systems shouldn’t be blocked, or else you’ll have a swimming pool in your basement.


In the list below are gutter practices you can try to maintain your gutters.

Invest in Ladders

A sturdy, well-balanced ladder should be in your shed, and if you don’t have one go and buy it before you begin cleaning your gutter. Maintaining gutters requires you to climb up to reach them, no point in being a superhero if you fall and hurt yourself for no reason. It’s recommended having a four-legged ladder on a one-story structure and an extension ladder for taller buildings.

Gutter Covers

You can slow clogging by having gutter covers installed. The covers range from porous foam to mesh screens or clip-on grates. You might incur more expenses when it comes to maintaining the covers.


Garden Hose

Using one that is attached to a pistol-grip spray nozzle that allows you to adjust the water pressure when using it on the roof. A hose is easy to use as you can hang it on the front of your gutter while you move the ladder.


Gutter Scoop

A plastic gutter scoop is the best equipment to use when cleaning out leaf debris from your gutters, irrespective of the size of your drain. Metal scoops can damage or scratch your gutters, especially if they are made of steel. If rusting begins, the process will speed up once the rust gets in contact with the rust.


Protect Yourself

Wear eye protection gear to prevent any flying objects from entering your eye as well as thick suede gloves for your hands especially when collecting debris.

Rubber soled shoes that will prevent slip accidents when you are walking on the roof.


Hire the Pros

If you think it is too much work for you to clean your gutters, or don’t feel safe climbing up on the ol’ roof, save yourself the trouble and hire professionals to do the dirty work.

How often should I clean my gutters?

Clean your gutters twice a year if there are overhang trees nearby, if not, once a year. After every big storm, make sure to clean your gutters. Also, where downspouts join the gutter system clogs are likely to occur, ergo, inspect and clean if you notice any debris there.

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