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On July 23rd, 2018

Pure Water, Clean Windows

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Window Cleaning

What is Pure Water Technology?

There has been a recent innovation in the window cleaning space which utilizes a telescopic pole and brush along with purified water for a super clean glass surfaces. Pure water technology consists of a five stage water purification process compromised of both de-mineralised resin via mixed beds and reverse osmosis resulting in 100 percent clean water. Meaning the water cleaning the windows is free of all dirt, minerals and chemicals be they natural or man made. The cleaner the water the better the end result due to clean waters ability to naturally loosen ionic bonds in dirt by acting as a natural detergent.

Increased Safety

One of the biggest innovations of using pure water has to do with safety. This is because traditional cleaning methods involve the use of the standard ladder and squeegee. The use of ladders leads to almost 1500 accidents a year, along with 20 fatalities. With the telescopic pole the operator can clean windows as high as 75 feet up from the safety of the ground and reach previously inaccessible areas with relative ease.


Benefits include a increased efficiency factor it brings to the window clean space. With the use of the water fed system jobs, times can be cut in half while providing superior quality results than previously available in the market. The entire process is far more convenient to the consumer as it requires far less equipment on site along with producing far less disturbances for the customer. The technology is extremely environmentally friendly in that it leaves zero chemical or mineral byproduct to any glass surfaces and runoffs on the property during the the cleaning process.

End Result

The use of the new technology for window cleaning purposes will provide customers with far cleaner windows in half the time in the safest manner possible for the environment. When applied to glass surfaces and allowed to air dry, it leaves a surface devoid of any streaks, blemishes, and soap residue as experienced when using traditional methods of cleaning. Moreover, this kind of technology also provides a completely sterile surface due to lack of any soap and chemicals being used in the cleaning process. These sterile windows in turn take a longer time for dirt to accumulate as opposed to traditional methods which leave soap and chemicals residues which provide sticky surfaces for contamination to adhere to.

If you are looking for a better alternative for cleaning your windows, this is the cleaning technology that you have been looking for. Be sure to contact us today to learn more and get started today.

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Pure Water, Clean Windows

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