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On April 5th, 2018

5 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning season is here! These tips and tricks can help you get your home to sparkle from top to bottom.

It's that time of year again. The plants are budding, the birds are chirping, and your cleaning supplies are calling to you. It's time for spring cleaning! Whether you love getting your home in top shape or dread the list of chores in front of you, we can help. These tips and tricks can make spring cleaning your home a breeze!


  1. Take it from the top.

Dust your ceiling first, then your walls and windows, then counters, cabinets, etc., and finally clean your floors. Working from top to bottom ensures you don't knock dust down onto a surface you just wiped clean! Added tip: you can corral more of your mess with this handy ceiling fan cleaning hack.


  1. Time is of the essence.

Are you having a hard time getting started? Whether you're lacking motivation or just not sure where to begin, a timer can help. Pick one room of the house and set a timer for an hour. During that hour, focus solely on cleaning that room. You'll be amazed how much you can get done in sixty minutes!


  1. Teamwork makes all the difference.

Even if you live alone, you don't have to handle cleaning your entire home on your own. Enlist the help of your home appliances. Your dishwasher can clean cabinet knobs, plastic toys, toothbrush cups, and more. While you've got the dishwasher running, throw a load in your washing machine. Shower curtain liners, pet beds, certain rugs, and more can get beautifully clean without you having to lift a finger!



  1. Toss what you don't need.

Your spring clean is the perfect time to detox your home. Bring three boxes with you as you clean cluttered areas, one for the trash, one for recycling, and one for donating. Getting rid of what you no longer need makes your clean feel even more refreshing. What's more, it will make future cleaning jobs easier.



  1. Tackle the outdoors.

Don't confine your cleaning to the four walls of your house! During the warmer months, you're going to want to spend time outdoors. If your yard is in great shape, soaking up the sun becomes much more enjoyable. Sweep your walkways, give your garden some love, and pressure wash your house to get ready for warm summer days in the backyard.


With these tips and tricks, spring cleaning becomes significantly simpler. If you want some extra help, contact Idaho Premier Window Cleaning. We can cross some of the biggest spring clean chores off your list for you!

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